We met Luke King in 2019 when he joined FRD P3 race in Tianjin. I remembered that was his first time visiting China and racing in China. He was an Ironman and Black Panther on the same weekend.

Luke King is an Australian racer, started his racing career when he was 20 and competed over 80 races in 10 years. COVID-19 has given him an opportunity to get involved in eRacing.

“I think that real world drivers getting involved in eRacing gives more of a ‘real feel’ for people watching the sim racing.” Luke King jumped at the chance to fill his schedules with different virtual championships. “Having a mixture of drivers also shows the high level of skill some of the top sim racers have. They are blindingly fast especially on tracks they know and have spent a lot of sim time on.”

“The driving principles on the sim are very similar to real life however some of the tricks on a sim do not translate to the real world and the eRacers know how to take advantage of this.” When real drivers competed with professional eRacers, they don’t think they would lose to them. “The really interesting comparison is that eRacers are used to having much more time and laps at their disposal than a real driver. I found I was able to come up to speed on a new circuit with a new car quicker, but the more time spent during a session was where the eRacers were able to find an advantage.”

Luke King also competed in Formula Renault Asia eRacing Series, “Out of the three professional real world ESeries races I competed in, the Formula Renault Asia eRacing Series was one of the best. It was well organised and my Australian fans enjoyed the commentary team and the camera angles used.

The racing was close and the Formula Renault cars on the Assetto Corsa platform work really well. They are as enjoyable to drive on the sim as they are in the flesh! I had some contact with my friend Hugo Hung in round one as well as Luis Moreno in the final but it was all good hard racing and entertainment which is what the world needed during the pandemic!”

eRacing allows us to enjoy the racing though the motors are virtual, the race is real.