RS Asia eRacing Winter Season Round 2 will be racing at Sepang track this Friday. This round is quite important for drivers to earn points for the championship and win the prize. Winter season we try to bring something different to the Award, the prize of FRD Racing Miles and Entry Fee Incentive Program will give the potential drivers a chance to step up to the next level of motorsport. This is a demonstration of Cyberport and FRD’s commitment to the development of emerging talent.

Our Formula drivers were too excited in the first round and caused multiple incidents. Luis Moreno managed to hold the lead from the line and earned the 1st and 2nd position through his continued stability. The youngest driver Dillan Tan stole the pole position and clinched the championship in race 1, however he lost his position in race 2 due to a mistake. He is now 13 points behind Luis Moreno that he still has chance to catch up. Owen Li from Tea Party Team is also a star who win the 2nd runner-up in both races.

The second round is scheduled for this Friday, 11 December at Sepang F1 track, this track is noted for its sweeping corners and wide straights. The layout is quite unusual, with a very long back straight separated from the pit straight by just one very tight hairpin. Notably, the final corner was raised by approximately 1 meter, which officials claimed would force drivers to take a later apex and explore different racing lines through the hairpin. Though the track is challenging, we wish to see our eRacers can develop themselves not only the driving skills but also mental health. During the race, drivers have to bounced back from mistakes, our drivers should learn to not be afraid to admit that he has gone wrong and to understand errors, accept them and correct the problem, this mental health is essential and may perhaps help the SIM drivers able to jump to the real track.

The race will be live broadcasted on Facebook, Youtube and several Chinese platform such as Zaker, Huya, etc. Let’s enjoy your evening meal with entertainment at 8:30-10:30pm on 11 December.