Chinese female driver Gui Meng (Grace Gui) has a soft spot for racing. She has participated in Formula Renault races and also competed for a seat in the W-Series. In the first season of the Formula Renault Asia eRacing, she was the only female driver.

As a female racer, what Grace thinks about eRacing?

Q: You have participated in real competitions and eRacing. What you experienced of these competitions?

GG: The game restores the real racing to a large extent, but there are still differences. It requires modest learning and adaptation. Some technologies are required for simulators, some are required for driving real cars. You need to decide and drive in the most suitable way, forget what is not needed.

Q: Do you think eRacing can be a way to train drivers? Or even replace the racing school?

GG: Of course it is a way, but it cannot be replaced

Q: There are relatively few female drivers in the racing industry. Do you think eRacing is an opportunity for girls to engage in racing?

GG: No matter it is online or offline, who is a boy or a girl, if you do not have enough practice, or the technique is wrong, you will not get good results. So the small number is not a problem, the attitude is the problem, when the attitude is good, there will be more female drivers in virtual and in reality.

Q: How do you think eRacing and real racing can complement each other to achieve motorsport?

GG: ERacing is meaningful when not many people have the opportunity to experience real racing. Its low entry cost makes racing easier and it should be convenient training method.

Q: Do you understand that China has room for eRacing?

GG: For sure there is room for development. In fact, the Chinese market is very good, eRacing is not racing only but more on gameplay and entertainment, it can definitely help the racing culture popular in China.

The epidemic has fueled the flames, and the development of eRacing has exceeded expectations. The real motorsports is slowly returning, eRacing will continue with more exposure than before and, be valuable for us in the future. The traditional thought of “eRacing is a game” is going away. ERacing is professional and suitable for all ages like variety shows.