In addition to the “Road to Champion with Renault  Sport Formula One ™ Team” Programme, the “National Driver Selection Programme was launched to help select potential young drivers throughout China. The selected drivers will be offered the sponsorship for a seat in Formula or Touring car racing.

2016 “Road to Champion with Renault Sport Formula One™ Team” National Driver Selection Program Finalists Selected

After an extensive testing and selection program that started with hundreds of candidates, six winners received a sponsored seat in Asian Formula Renault China Series competition, with two of the selected drivers gaining a sponsored opportunity to compete in the Renault Clio Cup China Series.

The winning Road to Champion National drivers have already shown considerable promise, having emerged from multiple rounds of evaluation that first started with hundreds of applicants in the opening two testing phases, staged in early July at Zhuhai and Beijing.

After testing reaction times, memory exercises, and racing knowledge, the challenge moved to physical fitness testing as the field was narrowed to just under 100 candidates.  Two more rounds of evaluation saw the drivers gain the opportunity to demonstrate their skills behind the wheel at the SZ Karting Track. After evaluating the results, the final round of 17 candidates were assembled again to undergo additional testing and slalom time attack evaluation.

2017 Road to Champion Young Driver Selection Program

Among 70 karting selection points all over China, there were over 50,000 people applied and registered through website and mobile application, while over 10,000 of them had made their trial for the time attack session. After two months of selection, there were around 300 contestants promoted to the final round of the 1st stage.

The 150 finalists from over 10,000 contestants promoted to the intensive stage, including fitness test, body check, written test, karting and interview. Only few of the best drivers aged 16-23 provided sponsorship to race in the 2017 Asian Formula Renault, while aged 23 or above took up the opportunity to race in 2017 Clio Cup China Series.