Established in 2019, RS Asia Motorsport Culture Limited (RS Asia) is a rising company with professional background in motor racing.

Currently, RS Asia owns an exclusive right from Renault Sport Racing (RSR) to organize and promote Formula and Clio Cup Asia Series. In 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic situation, Renault Asia eRacing Series was launched.

RS Asia has demonstrated its goal in driver development. Winners from eRacing Series are able to join the Formula Renault and Clio Cup racing course. RS Asia aims to provide opportunities for potential youth and car enthusiasts to get involved in motorsport, with the help of various type of car racing and driver program, which allow people to build up driving skills and knowledge at a low threshold, in terms of budget, age or skills. Amongst Asian counties, we also aim at selecting new talented drivers and provide opportunities for them to compete in the international race. Road to Champion Driver Program is one of the Program that we believe will bring significant influence in universalizing motorsport culture and boosting motor sports in Asia and China.