Jay Yang, a young boy who has much passion in driving. He spent his red pocket money when he was 14 for the first set of G29 and started his eRacing journey. His first eRacing competition in 2017 – the PRB Endurance race and GTSport Taiwan Cup qualifying race. He engaged in eRacing and competed in various local and international SIM racing series the year after.

He joined the Renault Clio Cup Asia eRacing this year. He managed to occupy the podium in six races and won the overall championship, “I’m glad to see the grid filled with real drivers and sim drivers, professional and amateur drivers, the atmosphere was very good. Unlike other online games many accidents occurred, Renault Clio Cup Asia eRacing allows clean and exciting fights throughout the race.”

FRD and RS Asia are planning for winter season, “We arranged Renault Asia eRacing, using it to keep our drivers engaged until returning to the racetracks, unexpectedly attracted many sim racers to join the race and reached good exposure.” The winter season will start in November for testing and three races from December. Jay and his team has already prepared for the Renault eRacing as well as LMP3 endurance eSports event. “Our team who have got into it now is exciting”

As a rising star, Jay has his idea on eRacing. “Compared to real races, eRacing requires less investment including time and money, this is a very big advantage for both participants and organizers. The visibility of the game is also part of what I think is not worse than real race, for example, the drivers can be more accurately divided into different class, more exciting game scene can be created in different style, the length of the game will also be more time-saving and smooth, eRacing normally can end the entire event within three hours, which is more attractive for the audience.” No matter in the real event or virtual game, it is important to allow the audience to feel the excitement. Though the game itself is not the most realistic there is, we need to make them feel so close to watching reality.

Jay lives in Taiwan, he told us that eSports is a recognized sport in Taiwan but the racing culture is not popular. “Most Taiwan people considered eSports is only a video game, therefore, we, SGAN Motorsports, are committed to promoting eRacing, and we hope that there will be more resources to invest in eRacing. Thanks to FRD and RS Asia to promote the motorsport culture and eRacing in Asia.” eRacing is a new normal, we should connect the real championship and eRacing so as to lead the new world racing into every household, at different locations in the world, digitally and physically.