CLIO CUP Racing School focuses on fun, dynamic and safe racing, while developing students with the skill and ability to pursue a racing career or just as a hobby upon their completion of our one or two-day course. While the main objective of the school is to develop driving skill, enhancing the safety skill of every driver is also a prime objective. 

The Racing School offers track experience for individuals and groups. All our programs begin with brief classroom sessions, followed by hands-on car control exercises and track racing techniques: racing line, trail and threshold braking, downshifting, turn-in points, apexes and passing in a modified touring car.

During the program, we will not only show you how to maneuver a racing prepared vehicle but also have the chance to drive at a top speed of close to 200km/hr in an international F1-standard race track. 

Come share the thrilling programs with us. You may not be Schumacher but you will most definitely experience what it is like to be one.  

PTP Training

Technical Specification

Classroom theory in the pit area shall introduce drivers to the cars specification, including the operation of the race-set high-tech electronic data display, pedals and safety procedures.

Settings and Race wear

A wide array of driver race wear is available for use by the students. Suiting up will be followed by specific assignment of a car with pedals and seats adjusted to match their size and build and will be assisted by a dedicated race-trained mechanic.

Advanced Braking, Throttle and RPM control

The vital parameters of racing. Students shall witness frequent instructor demonstrations which they then practice at progressive levels of difficulty.


A Theoretical introduction and advanced steering exercise prepares students to negotiate racing lines on day 2.

Heel and Toe

Heel and toe downshifting exercises are combined with the techniques learnt earlier in the day to complete the students’ preparation for an exciting Day 2.

The Circuit

Students are introduced to the Formula 1 standard, 4.3 km Zhuhai International Circuit. A full explanation of the racing line is given by the team instructor.

The Racing Line

Your racing line shall be overviewed by instructors strategically positioned on the circuit; this evaluation is then passed to the driver at debriefs during session intervals.

Circuit Lapping

Students will be required to do circuit lapping sessions with the opportunity to reach speeds of up to 190 km/hr.


Instructors will be located at the track-side to closely follow the progress and performance of each student, providing instruction in-car when necessary during actual session periods.


Having completed the course, students are presented with a certificate.